Cannon Beach, Oregon

Portand, Oregon in January is just how you would imagine. It is cold. It is grey. And it is wet. Now, if you find yourself in this self proclaimed ‘weird’ city, you may be asking yourself if leaving the hipster heaven and trekking to the beach is really worth is. I am here to answer with a loud and unwavering YES. Cannon Beach was by far the best part of my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest and is unlike any place I have ever been before.


That being said, the below photo is eerily similar to one I took last year at Railay Beach in Thailand. I still stand by my previous statement. The fog and overall mystical feel of this place was magical.



While the above photo was being taken….THIS was happening.

We were looking for a peaceful walk along the beach while the tide was safely low. I got distracted by the artsy look of my shoes on the rocks (as one does) and saw the tide coming in with seconds to spare. “IT’S COMING” was all I could get out of my mouth before my mom was overtaken by the frigid water. The detail you can’t see in the photo is her mouth wide open screaming/laughing her way to safety.


For comparison, this was the water a moment before. CannonBeach12

After we had a solid 5 minute laugh at the surprise wave, my mom rolled up her soaking wet pants and we continued on our way a bit more awake and aware of our surroundings. We strolled through town and then ventured up to the state park just north of Cannon Beach.

I mean….


We found a muddy hiking trail at this point and embarked on a mini adventure.


The trees looked like they belonged in a torture room.




CannonBeach9 CannonBeach10

Hopefully I will be getting back onto some kind of a schedule with this blog and we can all have something to look at on the internet that doesn’t make us all want to crawl into the fetal position on the floor in the crazy Trump world we are all now living in! YAY!



Rachael Jelnicky

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