Berlin in Denver

Having a friend come to visit is always a clashing of worlds and an exciting opportunity to play tourist in your own city. This couldn’t have been more true when an awesome friend from Berlin decided to swing through Denver to see me and Will last month. Our friend Simon is the same friend who brought us home with him over the holidays last year (post here), so seeing him again was such a treat!

It was definitely a bit strange to have a piece my life from Berlin in Denver and made me miss Germany so much. Just being around Simon again and hearing his very German English pulled at my heart. On the flip side, it allowed me to be transported back to that world and I really loved seeing my friend. Simon also brought me some caramels and gummies for Will, so that may be why I remember the trip so fondly :).

We saw some sights (I had never been inside the Capitol building which is a little shameful), ate lots of food, drank beer, rode around on bikes on a less than ideal day, made sure Simon left with a lot of souvenirs, learned about Benjamen Blumchen from Simon and proceeded to “torooo” (the german word for the sound an elephant makes) all over town.


Denver Craft Beer

Simon enjoying his tiny burger during HH at Ophelias

Denver, Eating At Ophelias

Denver, Little Man Ice Cream

Inside the Capitol

Denver Capitol Building

Denver Capitol Building



Took shelter in Ratio Beerworks when the weather turned a bit nasty.

Ratio Brewery, Denver


They were great sports about posing.


I hope this is one of the many trips we will all be making over the next few years to stay in touch. Till next time.


Rachael Jelnicky

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