Learning About Bee Keeping

I practice yoga, at the very least, 3 days a week and always look forward to the smiling faces that greet me at my studio (Yoga Pod Lodo). I always leave in a superior mood thanks to the hard ass workout and the inspirational people I meet there. It is truly a community full of interesting people with eclectic interests who are more than willing to share their hobbies with you. An example of this came when an instructor of mine, Caitlin Rose Kenney, excused her smokey aroma in class a few weeks ago. She told us that she is a bee keeper and had to smoke her bees that morning. That is not something you hear every day and I wanted to learn more.

After chatting with Caitlin after class, she told me that she does “tours” of her bee yard by appointment and encouraged me to pick a date to come check it out. This week, I did just that! My morning was spent in Boulder, CO asking Caitlin a million questions about bees while she talked me through bee keeping and all its complexities. For more info about the Boulder Bee Yards, click here.

Bee Keeping. Boulder, CO

The bees were kept in a coop with some very vocal chickens who demanded we feed them before getting to any sort of bee business. Bee Keeping. Boulder, CO

Bee Keeping. Boulder, CO

Bee Keeping. Boulder, CO

Bee keeping was much less scary in person and was given a ton of great info about how a hive works. For some reason, I was under the impression that the queen was the only female and all the worker bees were male. Wrong! Most of the workers are female and the males almost entirely get kicked out during the winter months because they use up the valuable resources and really have no purpose besides fertilization. I learned about how honey is made, what makes for the best bee diet, how mountain bees are much more relaxed than city bees, and just had a wonderful time 🙂

Bee Keeping. Boulder, CO

We actually stuck out fingers into this particular piece of comb in order to sample some honey. Caitlin, like some kind of bee ninja, calmly stuck her finger into the swarm to move their little bodies out of the way and get some sweet stuff. Bee Keeping. Boulder, CO

Bee Keeping. Bee Keeper. Boulder, CO

Bee Keeper

I have really been trying to take advantage of my network in Denver and to say yes to the unique opportunities that are being presented to me (working on a post about the tapestry weaving class I just took!). It would be really easy for me to pass on these experiences because I “should” wait until I have a job to spend money. However, if I wait until I have the income I feel would allow me to take part in these activities, there is undoubtedly going to be another reason I can’t. Be it time, energy or opportunity. So instead of waiting for life to be at the perfect time, I decided to say NO to that and seize the opportunities.

So far so good 🙂


Rachael Jelnicky


  1. That’s awesome! Not everyone gets a chance to do this in their life. 🙂 I’m giggling at the fact that most of the males get kicked out during the winter months because they’re practically useless haha

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